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Insurance Chatbots: A New Era of Customer Service in the Insurance Industry

Insurance Chatbot Examples: 5 Innovative Use Cases Pavlok

insurance chatbot examples

Insurance companies can use chatbots to quickly process and verify claims that earlier used to take a lot of time. In fact, the use of AI-powered bots can help approve the majority of claims almost immediately. Even before settling the claim, the chatbot can send proactive information to policyholders about payment accounts, date and account updates.

Customers were operating in the dark with little insight into competitive policies and coverage. For decades, there was not a need for insurance providers to prioritize the customer experience because – although people lacked trust and affinity for their providers –  turnover was low. Insurance firms may insurance chatbot examples benefit from chatbots in various ways, including cost savings and improved customer service, as well as the automation of many procedures and increased ROI. According to studies, most businesses use chatbots to facilitate sales, automate customer service, and generate demand for marketing objectives.

Key Metrics to Evaluate your AI Chatbot Performance

Customer service is now a core differentiator that providers need to leverage in order to build long-term relationships and deepend revenue. With the lifetime value of policyholders so high, and acquisition costs also sky-high, keeping current customers happy with stellar customer service is an easy way to reduce churn. Customers can submit the first notice of loss (FNOL) by following chatbot instructions. They then direct the consumers to take pictures and videos of the damage which gives potential fraudsters less time to change data. Only when bots cross-check the damage, they notify the bank or the agents for the next process. The process of receiving and processing claims can take a lot of time in insurance which ends up frustrating the customers.

insurance chatbot examples

Insurance agency perspective queries like hours of operation, direction, do you sell a specific product (say life insurance)? These and many such general queries can be instantaneously responded by Chatbot via messenger. Customer service Chatbot insurance chatbot examples can be configured for general queries and over time with AI it can learn what else customers are asking about. Depending on the number of channels you use to interact with customers, you can start automating the support in one of these.


If expectations are not met, consumers are quick to switch to a competitor. With pricing, policies and coverage so similar, a key way for insurance providers to differentiate is on customer experience. Increasingly, insurance providers are investing in modern conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to scale personalized, effortless and proactive customer experiences. You can also scale support through an insurance chatbot across channels and consolidate chats under a single platform.

Bots help you analyze all the conversation data efficiently to understand the tastes and preferences of the audience. You can always trust the bot insurance analytics to measure the accuracy of responses and revise your strategy. Insurify – online car insurance shopping platform announced chatbot in 2017. They considered chatbot as an easier way to compare and buy auto insurance right from Facebook Messenger. The

Smart FAQ

is a responsive self-service portal that helps customers resolve their issues quickly. You can pin popular insurance topics to the top and ensure that customers receive consistent answers with every search.

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